Featured Post How Can I Hide My Screen?

Document Security Issues that Can Ruin a Business

Hacking is an unfortunate problem many businesses have to deal with these days. Filmmakers and television show producers have to worry about their work being leaked, retailers have to worry about ...
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Dealing with Screen Snoopers

What Do the Statistics Say? When one thinks of “hacking”, the image of a mastermind sitting behind a high tech computer with a multitude of wires snaking around comes to mind. What doesn't come to ...
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Persistent surfing is hi-tech shoulder surfing

While drinking your morning tea or coffee you might have scrolled your computer screen for checking your pending e-mails or bank statements. This is your personal stuff which has your personal ...
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Phishing: a fancy collapse

New trends, high technology thus no proper solution to these data threats that are evolving all over the globe. How long has this been going on? Nobody can actually answer that. You never know who ...
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Our desk’s trash can become somebody’s treasure

Trash can become treasure, it is not just a fine and catchy phrase but true. Working in an office is more of a hectic day with a tight schedule. You have too many things to think of and workload that ...
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The Biometric Authentication Security Revolution is Here!

Find out how our continuous and multi-factor biometric authentication and UXP technology can help your organization.

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