Featured Post Business Transactions in the Time of COVID-19

Working Remotely: How to Keep Your Data Safe

Coronavirus is affecting the entire world. Throughout the United States, schools have been closing, huge events like South by Southwest have been cancelled, and companies like Amazon and Google have ...
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Why Protecting Intellectual Property is Important

The 2014 hack of emails among Sony employees and the 2017 leak of Game of Thrones episodes are two examples of how vulnerable documents and files can be, even in Hollywood. Because so many people ...
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Do You Need a Biometric Clock in Your Office?

No matter what business you have, one of the most important things that you have to manage, and one of the most frustrating is employee time and attendance management. This part directly affects ...
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How behavioral analytics helps closing the credentials security gap

Protecting user credentials from compromising is more like a daunting task. A number of credentials are leaked every day and they circulate online. This happens due to intrusions or unprotected ...
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How You Can Prevent Cyber-attack on Your Local Printers?

With the recent advancement of technology, data has become an essential element. However, technology is not the only thing that’s being improved consistently. Various hackers around the world are ...
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The Biometric Authentication Security Revolution is Here!

Find out how our continuous and multi-factor biometric authentication and UXP technology can help your organization.

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Cyber Security in Government: Thumbs Up or Down

Government bodies across the globe are becoming increasingly cautious of cyber-attacks and are promoting ways that can be utilized to protect the national security through cyber-security. Currently, ...
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Unpatched vulnerability: the main source of data breaching

Many of the organizations suffer from data breaching almost every year, and for the past two years, the ratio is drastically increasing. These organizations are becoming victims to cyber-attacks as ...
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Widespread misconceptions about the paperless office

When you hear the phrase ‘paperless office’ what do you think of? What image comes to mind? For most people, it’s the image of an office that is completely devoid of any and all forms of paper – no ...
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Passwords and beyond

Although we are in 2019, many of us are still unaware or completely ignore the basics of password hygiene. Splash Data, the password management specialist, released the ‘World’s Worst Passwords of ...
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Keeping it safe: Why You Should Go For Centralized Storage

Believe it or not, focusing on the ‘right’ centralized storage system for your documents makes it much easier to secure them. Why you ask? It’s simple really. If you have all your data in one ...
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Is your data as protected as you think it is?

In this age of digital technology and advancements, there are still a lot of people that do not pay much attention to the way they surf the web at home or in the office. New ways of exploiting data ...
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