Featured Post Stolen Fingerprints Can Sabotage Your Biometric Security

Dealing with Screen Snoopers

What Do the Statistics Say? When one thinks of “hacking”, the image of a mastermind sitting behind a high tech computer with a multitude of wires snaking around comes to mind. What doesn't come to ...
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Do You Need a Biometric Clock in Your Office?

No matter what business you have, one of the most important things that you have to manage, and one of the most frustrating is employee time and attendance management. This part directly affects ...
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Why is Fingerprint Still the Favored Biometric Modality?

There was a time when the phrase "biometric authentication" would only be heard in the forensics department. But now it has made its way into our everyday lives. Without even paying attention to it, ...
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Contactless Biometric Authentication: The Future of Payment and Security

The internet has changed many things in our day-to-day lives. It has changed how we take care of our finances. Now you can shop, play, bank, and communicate without even leaving your favorite sofa. ...
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Bio metric authentication: is it the future already?

A few years ago, biometric authentication was just a fantasy in movies. The hero walked to a door and it opened, activated by camera and a facial recognition system. Or the villain activated his ...
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The Biometric Authentication Security Revolution is Here!

Find out how our continuous and multi-factor biometric authentication and UXP technology can help your organization.

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Data Security in Healthcare: Why It’s Important

Cyber-attacks on healthcare organizations is not a new trend. Surprisingly, one of the most lucrative targets for hackers is the data surrounding healthcare. With the increasing level of cybercrimes, ...
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How behavioral analytics helps closing the credentials security gap

Protecting user credentials from compromising is more like a daunting task. A number of credentials are leaked every day and they circulate online. This happens due to intrusions or unprotected ...
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The rapid evolution of the event industry: all credit goes to biometric technology

The advancement in technology has helped people in efficient planning and carrying out their tasks in less time and effort. Similarly, this technology is worth appreciating due to its incredible ...
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How Amazon’s Facial Recognition Software Will Change the Way Cops Fight Crime

Although facial recognition technology has been used for decades, there has been constant improvements made in order to make it more useful for multiple reasons. From unlocking your phone to entering ...
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How You Can Prevent Cyber-attack on Your Local Printers?

With the recent advancement of technology, data has become an essential element. However, technology is not the only thing that’s being improved consistently. Various hackers around the world are ...
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Facial Recognition Glasses Can Prevent Terrorism with Discreet Surveillance

Facial recognition technology has been blooming for quite some time now. Currently, the technology is being utilized in many important places around the globe – from train station security to ...
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